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The shift away from paper as a medium for the printed word is unmistakable, inevitable, and logical. Not only are paper-based publications environmentally infeasible, they are bulky to handle, costly to distribute, and often require clients to purchase more content, through more channels, than they actually want or need. These issues are nowhere more pressing than in the field of education.

eduk8 Tablet PE


Schools spend an average of $257 per student on outside resources, a large part of which involves paper. From expensive suites of textbooks, to trade books, to photocopying equipment and supplies, schools are paying more to ship, handle, maintain, and facilitate content than they are for the content itself. And while these formats, and the expenses associated with them, used to be unavoidable, the rise of tablet technologies and e-readers now offer a way to eliminate them.

The eduk8 software package would utilize these highly intuitive and easy-to-use touchscreen technologies in order to create an optimal collaborative environment that would:

Such a platform would not only create a student workspace that is more intuitive, resource-rich and easier to keep organized, but also one that anticipates recent trends in online collaboration and communication. The other advantages of eduk8--reduced costs, expanded choices, more insight, communication and control--only add up one way: to a better educational experience. For everyone.

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